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Welcome to Fine Edge Cutlery! We pride ourselves on old-world craftsmanship (made in the Old World, by our family of artisans who have been making knives since the feudal ages!). We offer an excellent selection of handmade (limited production)combat ready, investment grade knives. No matter if you seek stainless steel, high carbon, Damascus, or exotic materials...
we can provide it, with the same level of quality and durability (at a competitive price). We work with another Smith (Kevin) located in the United States (Colorado) as a managing partner (offering his expertise in development, design, marketing, and worldwide distribution). We sell a wide range of bushcraft knives, bowie knives, hunting knives, camping knives, hatchets, axes, swords, and more! In fixed blade or folder.
All of these are specially designed for those of you who enjoy being outside, camping, Bushcraft & hunting. We also take custom Orders(one of a kind... Or small production)if none of our current inventory inspires you, our makers focus on quality and efficiency (average turn around for production is 4-6 weeks. Larger orders will take longer). In the event that we are backlogged in our production, we will notify you of the expected delivery date when you place your order.Please contact us through the information on the top of the website to discuss.
The buffalo and cowhide sheaths are handcrafted from left-over leather. Designed to be both durable and fully functional, like our knives... Made to last a lifetime (or longer).


We guarantee them for life. If you break one of our knife blades or knock the handles apart(under normal use), contact us, and we will help you pick out a new knife from our current stock to replace the damaged one for free. See our website for more information at www.fineedgecutlery.com

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